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Here's the start of a long message that I just posted to the IUP-Users
mailing list, announcing a new release of lglicua (0.1-alpha7) on


I've just released revision "0.1-alpha7" of lglicua, my project to
extend the availability of the Tecgraf IM/CD/IUP projects on SourceForge,
that were originally advertised as being available for source compilation
on "Windows and Ubuntu".


As before, a pop-up graphical message box, saying "hello, world", can
be achieved in just two lines of a Bash+Lua script:

        #!/bin/bash ../support/play-lua-tec
        iup=require("iuplua"); iup.Message("MyApp", "hello, world")



For the full release message, see:


The lglicua project itself can be found at:



sur-behoffski (Brenton Hoff)
programmer, Grouse Software