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On Tue, Mar 7, 2023 at 9:03 AM Jonathan Revusky <> wrote:

On 7/3/23 16:10, Mouse wrote:
- Get a copy of the ISO standard and be familiar with it.
I would love to do this, except it appears to be pay-to-play, so I've
been relying on a very late draft.

Am I wrong and it is indeed available openly?

Well, maybe not in theory, but it seems that it is available de facto.



The final drafts, for approval, are always freely available. The final standard is not.
Experience has told me the old differences between the two is that spelling fixes
of people's names are common, and I've noticed over the year an extra footnote or
two is added to the final version to make a minor point (but the footnotes are
non-normative, so it's possible to understand w/o the additions... just usually
faster with the additions). It's certainly good enough for these purposes...