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On Thu, Feb 23, 2023 at 2:05 AM Spar <> wrote:
The same reason why we have : in the first place.
Taking self twice might be complicated if the variable not on stack.

Picture this:, ...)
you have to get the value d twice, when colon operator copies the left value to the stack again

Lua is a small language with a lot of power, and the main reason for it is that it has not included the many 100s of proposals like this that have passed by in the last 20+ years.
In this case a little helper function can get rid of most of the inconvenience. If the overhead bugs you then introduce a local variable that you assign the value of "a.b.c.d" in your example.

local function dcall(ob, method, ...)
    return ob[method](ob, ...)

local tweedledee = {name = "tweedledee"}

function tweedledee:hello()

local box = { thing = tweedledee }

local method = 'hello'

dcall(box.thing, method)