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... if this REALLY works 100%, I agree that this would help quite a bit.

In my application I also had to fight a bit with the
lua_writestringerror message and its possible invocation by panic and
warnings... .

(In fact I handled warnings my own way and if panic occurs, I will
invoke a private lua_writestringerror which effectively puts the
controller CPU into some "sure safe state", running a sort of "bios

(I did not check completely, but I am quite sure that I also was
nerved mainly that L was not known in this lua_writestringerror
message, and that possibly I could find a more elegant way to handle
this, if L would be known in lua_writestringerror... ... my problem
is, that lua_writestringerror should run into a print function which
is not very easy, as it needs thread wait times / thread yielding, and
for this I need a defined Lua state L - if I get this, with
lua_writestringerror, then I should be happy... of course in case of
memory error (L=NULL) I still would need a special solution, with such
a "Lua bios" or similar... but all other invocations of
lua_writestringerror then would become much more easy ).