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A library binding various POSIX APIs. POSIX is the IEEE Portable
Operating System Interface standard. luaposix is based on lposix.

I am happy to announce release 36.1 of luaposix.

This release is primarily to fix compilation failures on CentOS with
release 36.0, but will also fix any other latent bugs caused by
testing for features using different cpp defines than are used for
building the installed modules!

If you have moved to the documented APIs, and don't rely on the
Lua backwards compatibility layer or convenience functions, you
can safely omit Lua module dependencies and use the C layer only.

luaposix's home page is at,
with documentation at

## Noteworthy changes in release 36.1 (2023-01-31) [stable]

### Bugs Fixed

  - `luke` now uses the same cpp defines for conftests as
    will be used for module compilation, otherwise we are
    potentially testing and compiling with different sets
    of features.

  - `tm.tm_gmtoff` and `tm.tm_zone` are populated on Linux
    distros that require compiling with `-D_BSD_SOURCE`.