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you can adjust it.

static int str_format (lua_State *L) {
        case 's': {
          size_t l;
          const char *s = luaL_checklstring(L, arg, &l);
          if (!strchr(form, '.') && l >= 100) {
            /* no precision and string is too long to be formatted;
               keep original string */
            lua_pushvalue(L, arg);
            continue;  /* skip the `addsize' at the end */

---- Em Qua, 18 jan 2023 15:33:23 -0300 Andreas Falkenhahn <> escreveu ---


I was wondering why Lua's string.format() limits the width and precision fields to two digits. E.g. this doesn't work in Lua because we use a width of 100 (99 works fine):

string.format('%100s', 'hello world')

Is there any particular reason why Lua imposes this limit on string.format()? I'm just wondering because this restriction sometimes makes it difficult to port C code to Lua.

Best regards,
Andreas Falkenhahn