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I forgot to mention, since it is another programming language :
* Csound and its ecosystem would probably be the easiest way to achieve what you want and target multiple platforms.

Electroacoustic composer & computer music designer
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From: Bruno Dumoulin <>
To: Lua mailing list <>
Subject: Re: Coding a musical game using MIDI
Date: 17/01/2023 13:49:58 Europe/Paris

Le mar. 17 janv. 2023 à 11:34, <> a écrit :
Dear Bruno,

I think Lua is a good choice for such a task. A few thoughts :
* Lua is actually embedded in a few audio softwares as a language for their API : Reaper for example (but also Renoise). There is a very friendly community on the , they may help you (called ReaScript discord). While their use of Lua is probably not the same as the one you're planning, it's still a good starting point.

Nice! Reaper is so much more powerful then what I'm humbly trying to achieve. Yet a community of people who will find my questions easy to answer sounds like a great place to learn. I joined their discord, I'll spend some time reading and getting a sense of the atmosphere before posting, but definitely a good pointer. Merci :-)
* The MIDI reference is stable. In order to retrieve inputs from a MIDI keyboard (assuming it's plugged as USB device), you only need to read from a serial port and interpret incoming bytes. I know, it may sound a bit complex but it's actually quite a trivial task if you use a bitwise operators library. You also need serial input. If you want to do it this way (the hard way), you should read the MIDI protocol reference first !

According to Felipe, RtMidi can handle the MIDI input

* Targetting Raspberry will definitely be easier than mobile OS (Android). For mobile OS's, you will probably need to make an application involving another language - or use Corona.

That's way down the line, once I have something to share, I'll looking into the best ways of sharing it
I hope this helps. I'm an audio nerd and Lua big fan, so happy to talk about that !

Brilliant :-) I definitely need help and company


Electroacoustic composer & computer music designer
+33 6 77 20 98 41
Tu es Français? C'est toi le lyonnais qui a un profil SoundCloud et qui compose de la musique avec les bruits de la ville?