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ok, I see.
I known why crash. I try write a backend thread gc. not use color, just push object new/fix/attach/detach operator to gc thread, I rewrite luaC_objbarrier as attach.

in that case, I need proto var "p" attach to "ncl", I saw luaC_objbarrier(ncl, upvals[I]) in the next few lines. so I think it's maybe a leak.

---- Replied Message ----
FromRoberto Ierusalimschy<>
Date12/25/2022 23:33
ToLua mailing list<>
SubjectRe: pushclosure may be has a BUG
>    lua 5.4.4 lvm.c:794
>    static void pushclosure(...) {
>      ...
>      ncl->p = p;   /* it need barrier */
>      luaC_objbarrier(L, ncl, p) /* fix BUG */
>      ...
>    }
>    when I test my modified code on GC,I find it cause crash.

Are you sure? The sequence is this:

   LClosure *ncl = luaF_newLclosure(L, nup);
   ncl->p = p;
   luaC_objbarrier(L, ncl, p);  /* ??? */
As 'ncl' was just created, it must be white; but 'luaC_objbarrier' is
a macro that would only do anything if 'ncl' was black. That is,
the barrier would never be activated.

-- Roberto