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I am trying to write a pure rust implementation of Lua5.4. I need to know about this order of finalizers thing, so that I can work on my garbage collector design.

for example, in v8, they implement something called lazy incremental sweeping. this allows v8 to run finalizers of dead objects on one page at a time, and there's no relevance of the object's age at all.

On Wed, 28 Dec 2022 at 09:32, bil til <> wrote:
Is this just some "general curiosity question"?

Or did you run into any problem with GC?

(if yes, could you perhaps give a slight hint of your application,
this somehow makes the understanding  "what is really asked" much
easier usually...).

Am Mi., 28. Dez. 2022 um 04:22 Uhr schrieb Red Artist <>:
> apologies for the bad formatting. first time using mailing lists