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Am Fr., 2. Dez. 2022 um 19:41 Uhr schrieb Aleksandr Zenkov

Thank you for detail infos , sounds like an interesting and
challenging "coroutine/threading" application.

> So my next question is.. What type of security change was made in Lua
> 5.4.3 to start panicking once a C++ code tried to call a piece of Lua
> code that does not exist? I mean, such a security checks never existed

But can you explain in more detail, how a user could try to "call a
piece of Lua that does not exist"?

You mean, run to the end of the main program by some label ::End::, as
e. g. "goto End", and then Lua finished and somehow "runs into

Or you mean, invoking some C function from Lua, and this C function
then would invoke Lua Code which does not exist / possibly mixing up
the Lua stack? (but in this case you usually can be happy if such a
panic message would appear I think...)