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I'd like to report that the public luac.c (with the previously-floated
patch f->lineinfo=NULL applied) now fails to compile on the
recently-pushed update to lua core that turned most StkId into
StkIdRel unions.

The fix to make compilation proceed again appears to be simple:

@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ static const char* reader(lua_State* L, void* ud,
size_t* size)

-#define toproto(L,i) getproto(s2v(L->top+(i)))
+#define toproto(L,i) getproto(s2v(L->top.p+(i)))

 static const Proto* combine(lua_State* L, int n)

Am I correct, or have I overlooked other consequences of recent commits?


Olexa Bilaniuk