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On 03-Oct-22 19:35, Francisco Olarte wrote:
If you just want that effect you can ommit the intermediate stuff of
building a callable object and just return a closure capturing the key
( it will be slower if you call it in a loop ) ( sample stripped for
brevity )

function g(k, ...)   print(k, ...) end
f = {}
setmetatable(f, {
     __index = function(t, k)
                   return function(...) g(k, ...) end
     })"Lua", "is very well designed")
f.k("No longer buggy now.")

Thanks, Francisco!
I can probably live without the caching, or reintroduce it... correctly next time :-)

You can rely on it until lua changes its working, which it does for
other things, but has not done in a way for fundamental things as
this. And I suppose you'll get ample warning on this case.

Very good, thanks also to all other people that replied.