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Hi everyone,

I work on minimal client side lua 5.4 scripting platform - eli. It is meant to be small to bootstrap quickly. It is packing libraries like libcurl, mbedtls, zlib, hjson and others. (We use our own version of proc and fs lib directly evolved from LFS and luaex.)
We use it for some time for our templating engine.  We needed something small portable and with flexibility of scripting languages - used for automation, setups and packaging.

Right now it is built only for linux (~1.2MB statically linked based on musl) and windows. MacOS should be added at later date. Building is relatively simple with prebuilt docker containers provided in the repository or alternatively using pipelines from so if you would like to built your own with custom set of libraries you may be able to find good base for your new project in eli.

- Repository:

Happy scripting!