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Lars Müller:

I would assume the following:

For the list part: 8 bytes for each entry.
For the hash part: 8 bytes (key) + 8 bytes (value) for each entry.
It is more like 16 bytes for the list part as PUC Lua uses tagged values (8 byte value + 1 byte tag) which is rounded up to 16. For the hast part it is likely 24. (2 * 8 byte value (for value + key) + 2 * 1 byte tag (for value + key) + 4 byte link to next element when multiple have the same hash rounded up to 24).
And the empty table has likley 64 byte of a constant cost.
So in total something like 64 + 16 * array_size + 24 * hash_size where the sizes are power of two's.