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I am inside the SDK of Adobe’s Lightroom Classic.  They are using Lua version 5.1.4 (according to their documentation).  _VERSION seems to be set to nil.

The SDK does not have a way to programmatically create a “View” but only via Lua’s static table declaration syntax such as:

   local f = LrView.osFactory()
   local view = f:column {
      margin = 10,
      spacing = 5,
      f:static_text {
         title = "Job Identifiers"
      f:separator {
         fill_horizontal  = 1.0,

But there is no way to add N checkboxes where N is unknown until run time.

So I wrote code to dump out the resulting table and then more code to try and create the proper data structure.  There is a very good chance that I’m on a fool’s errand but here is my current issue.

I set a value with this piece of code:

      ptr[index+1]["_parent"] = ptr[1]["_parent”]

But instead of the new element going where it “should” go, it effectively does this:

      ptr[index+1]["_viewAttributes"]["_parent"] = ptr[1]["_parent”]

Now… if this is utterly impossible, then perhaps my debug code is buggy but I don’t think so.

Can someone help explain what is going on and how to achieve what I want to do ?

Thank you,
Perry Smith

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