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On 22 Jul 2022, at 11:33, Thijs Schreijer <> wrote:


Happy to announce a new release of Penlight, a general purpose utility

This release is mostly a bug-fix release, with some minor additions:

* feat: app.require_here now follows symlink'd main modules to their
 directory #423
* feat: utils.enum now accepts hash tables, to enable better error
 handling #413
* feat: utils.kpairs new iterator over all non-integer keys (inverse
 of ‘pairs’) #413

Full change log can be found on in[2].

As usual installation is easiest using LuaRocks, the source repo is under
the LunarModules organization at Github[1].

This release was possible due to contributions from Christian Walther,
Nathaniel Wesley Filardo, Stéphane Veyret, Piotr Przybylski,
@nathanrpage97, and Thijs Schreijer.

If there are any issues, please let us know.


Penlight Team.


A small bug (due to me being in a hurry to ship) got in. Hence version 1.13.1 that fixes that glitch has just been pushed.

Apologies for the noise, and many thanks to Caleb Maclennan for his keen eye spotting this.