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Also, when I wrote LuaTools I decided not to do the 'require' and package thing, I just emulated what Lua's coders did for their own libraries, directly. It was easier that way by far.. :)

They use 'static' a lot, and I also found that omitting it would cause unrest so I just did the same thing they do, and it works. It's not needed for my own raw processing functions, but it is for those that interface and depend on Lua's support code for library functions and variables.

It may be that some things in LuaTools might help you figure it out even if you do them differently. If you want to see what's in it, go here:
It's aimed at Windows, but only for certain API-specific requirements, the methods should be generally compatibile wherever Lua can go, unless I screwed up. It's meant to be portable by extension by anyone who knows how, so it may be easy to see what matters.