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Am 29.06.22 um 09:47 schrieb Oliver:
On 28.06.22 17:14, Scott Morgan wrote:
I'm thinking about ways to share objects between states, something I've not
needed to do before, and have come up with a possible technique:

Q1 : Has anyone ever done this? (Is there already a lib)

you may want to have a look at "mtstates" for invoking Lua interpreter states
from multiple threads:

There is also mqLua,

It does basically the same, but include ZeroMQ for message passing between Lua states.

A call in L2, e.g. `fwd:foo("test")`, picks up the name of the method, and it's
arguments, than passes them into L1's state, calling the method on `obj`.
Results are then returned to L2 as expected, with non-basic Lua types being
wrapped in their own forwarding objects.

you could easily do this with pure Lua on top of the low level mtstates package,
see the examples at:

Best regards,