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YottaDB ( / is a language-agnostic hierarchical key-value database with strong support for ACID transactions and five-nines application availability. It scales up to real-time banking systems with tens of millions of accounts as well as down to a Raspberry Pi Zero (on which you can get thousands of database accesses per second using a consumer-grade MicroSD card). The code base is mature.

Thanks to Mitchell ( whose work was sponsored by the University of Antwerp Library (, there is now a Lua wrapper for YottaDB ( See the Get Started page ( to try YottaDB. The Acculturation Guide includes access from Lua (

Lua has excellent performance characteristics with YottaDB - a recent test of web framework performance by a member of our user community found the Lua framework to be the fastest (YottaDB Web Framework Performance (!

Please do try YottaDB access from Lua, and send us your comments. Thank you very much.

- Bhaskar

YottaDB <> - Rock solid. Lightning fast. Secure. Pick any three.