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Though from MS, the free available Visual Studio Code together with
Sumneco Lua extension is really VERY VERY perfect (do not mixup with
VS Studio, which is NOT free available, and has NOT as good editor as
VS Code strangely...).

You get autohelp and autocompletion for all Lua functions (except if
you use the : operator for meta references, this does not work ... so
e.g. instead of "str:sub(1,5 )" you should better code "string.sub(
str, 1, 5)" if you want autocomplete/autohelp support ... but this
really is the only negative thing I could find there.

You can also quite easily add own help files, if you have own
libraries, and such help files are simple ascii/unicode text files
supporting markup language (for e. g. italic / bold font of title
lines...). And these help files are Lua files and really nice to edit
... . After this you will see autocomplete/autohelp for your own
library functions - really quite amazing.

(I have tried also SciTE and Notepad++ before I then chose VS Studio Code...).

On Wed, Jun 15, 2022 at 6:55 AM Lorenzo Donati
<> wrote:
> Unfortunately that can't be useful for me. I'm on Windows and use
> another editor: SciTE, which  (BTW) embeds Lua.