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Dear Lua Community,

LuaRT 0.9.9 is now available, and can be downloaded at LuaRT is a multipurpose programming framework with an optimized Lua runtime library for Windows, based on Lua 5.4.4.

Main features :
- Build Windows Desktop or console applications with Lua.
- Lightweight with no other dependencies, no C compilation needed.
- Batteries included in the runtime: UTF8 strings, sockets, HTTP/FTP, GUI, files, zip compression... - Script to executable compiler with embedded content accessible from Lua.
- Single click installer.

This version includes an x64 toolchain (interpreter and script to executable compiler), and a new seamless COM object interface from Lua. Since LuaRT has matured up to a certain level, this release is the final step before going open source.


Samir Tine