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On 12/06/2022 14:29, Domingo Alvarez Duarte wrote:
Hello Lorenzo !

Hello Domingo!

You've not LPeg but thereis the "re" module where you can write in a
kind of EBNF, I would recomend the
author has done a parser for Lua and C11 that really
parses real C projects like sqlite3 amalgamation.

For manipulating C structures then there is a somehow pure Luajit
implementation of LPeg .

An also in pure Lua .

Then there is tools to analyze/visualize grammars and
and it's parser generator in several

For easy iterative testing grammars there is several online playgrounds:

- cpp-peglib

- peggy

- pest

I'm looking at this lightweight project that's promising too .

Then there is this ones

From a superficial POV it seems most of your links are about classic parsing based on grammars expressed in a formal way, possibly using PEGs.

As I said, I can't manage modifying/creating grammars to do what I want reliably and I don't have time to learn how to do that or to use PEGs. And neither can I afford to delve into huge codebases to extract a useful snippet.

However, thanks for the effort and the links. Maybe some will prove useful for my use case.

Anyway, should I find the time to learn PEGs (I tried years ago, just to be able to use LPEG, but the learning curve vs my free time proved too steep - maybe in another life :-), those references look very interesting.

Cheers !