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> So we can't write "natural" code that works for both Lua numbers and
numerical objects.

As the author of lua-bint (Arbitrary precision integer arithmetic library in pure Lua), I also wish there was some solution for this problem in a future Lua release, because this is the only corner case where I can't mix lua numbers.

This problem has been mentioned before by Nathan Page and he has also come with a smaller patch for Lua 5.4 in .

Eduardo Bart

Em qua., 8 de jun. de 2022 às 10:07, Andrew <> escreveu:
Hello All,

there is currently a small but annoying problem when constructing
numerical objects based on tables or userdata.

To illustrate this, here is a little multi-precision integer library in
pure Lua that I've been working on (, see
file mpi.lua).

By defining appropriate metamethods we can use these objects in
expressions just like native Lua numbers:

local mpi = require "geneas.mpi"
local a = mpi(1)
local b = mpi "777777777777777777777777777777"
local c = a + b         -- metamethod __add
print(c)                -- metamethod __tostring
[ 777777777777777777777777777778 ]
if a < 2 then           -- metamethod __lt
        print "true"
        print "false"
[ true ]

But there's a problem when comparing for equality, because the __eq
metamethod is only called when _both_ operands are tables or userdata!

if a == 1 then          -- metamethod __eq
        print "true"
        print "false"
[ false ]

This is annoying, because we have to write "if a == mpi(1)", or maybe
even "if mpi(a) == mpi(1)", if we are not sure whether a is actually an
mpi object or a Lua number!

So we can't write "natural" code that works for both Lua numbers and
numerical objects.

My proposed solution is to add an extra metamethod __eqval (suggested
name) which is called by the equality operators when exactly one of the
operands is a table or userdata, ie, in all those cases where the other
arithmetic and comparison metamethods would be called but __eq is not.

The __eqval metamethod should perform the same function as __eq (maybe
with some extra checking of the operand types). As a result the equality
operators '==' and '~=' now behave the same for objects of the numerical
class as they do for Lua numbers.

No existing Lua code is impacted, since the semantics of the __eq
metamethod remain unchanged and no __eqval metamethod will be defined.

I've made a patch for Lua 5.4.4 which is available here:

Perhaps this functionality could be considered for inclusion in a future
mainline release?