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Hi all,

I would like to announce the release of a new library, luaromfs which is available on GitHub at:

This is a library that I developed for internal use, which I am releasing in the hope that others may find it useful -- It answers a need that I have found people asking for from time to time on this list.

Luaromfs is a library and associated utility that packages a set of files into a single binary, which may be compiled into a host application or loaded from disk at runtime.  The binary file is compressed and optionally encrypted.  The library provides a mechanism for loading such files and integrating them into the Lua state, such that require() works as expected.

I apologise in advance that the build system, documentation and example are fairly ‘primitive’; this was not intended to be public library and so was developed purely to meet my needs, as such it lacks the polish one would expect from a public library.


Chris Smith <>