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About "Lua" it self from the website:
It supports procedural programming, object-oriented programming, functional programming, data-driven programming, and data description.

So, Lua is pretty generic but also a "prototype-based" language, right? So one way to see and do the things in a more modular way is using metatables "inheritance".

About global variables, I talk about my perception, but looks like a lot of people put "these global variables" inside a "global table" avoiding name collision with other variables with less importance.

About editor, I really like ZeroBrane Studio to debbug, but most of time I use vim s2

Em sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2022 15:08:04 BRT, Duke Normandin <> escreveu:

On Fri, 27 May 2022 19:54:51 +0200
Flyer31 Test <> wrote:

> For Lua programming I (also fascinated Lua novice since 1 year) I
> would strongly recommend to use MS Visual Studio Code (this is

Thank you! I said good-bye to Microsoft and win-doze many, many
years ago. :)  I operate on a Linux laptop.


> useful I think (but mainly only one: Global elements should start
> with large char, local elements with small char).
> Other proposal for "nice programming" is, that you initialize all
> global variables before the start of the functions... .

Good points! Thx.


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