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On Sat, Jan 29, 2022 at 10:29 AM eugeny gladkih <> wrote:

what do you think about an idea to wrap the LUA_MINSTACK definition by an ifdef block?

#define LUA_MINSTACK    20

so, it’ll allow us to set the required value in a compiler command line or put the definition into a 'Local configuration' block of luaconf.h.

The header comment in luaconf.h reads:

** ===================================================================
** General Configuration File for Lua
** Some definitions here can be changed externally, through the compiler
** (e.g., with '-D' options): They are commented out or protected
** by '#if !defined' guards. However, several other definitions
** should be changed directly here, either because they affect the
** Lua ABI (by making the changes here, you ensure that all software
** connected to Lua, such as C libraries, will be compiled with the same
** configuration); or because they are seldom changed.
** Search for "@@" to find all configurable definitions.
** ===================================================================

In other words, if it's not already behind an "#if !defined()" check, it's probably not safe to set it on the compiler command line.

There's also already a space at the bottom of the file for local configuration, where you can #undef/#define to your heart's content without editing the defaults directly, if you prefer that.