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There is nothing wrong with this approach, quite the opposite. Just
two details:

- You can write b'00101010' instead of b('00101010').

- You can use 'tonumber' to do the conversion.

Thanks for your insight, i will use this wrapper (tostring() is optional or even redundant) as a workaround:

function b(str); return tonumber(tostring(str),2); end;

About performance, as with most constants in programs, it is good
practice to predefine them, so that these conversions are done
only once for each constant.

-- Roberto

Exactly. That is why i think it would make sense to have support for binary literals directly in Lua.

To make it clear i use Lua embedded in C software to provide some flexibility and scripting to users. The overall design is such that there is no place for user to predefine constants outside of the Lua script which gets called from C loop quite often including such base conversion in each cycle. So i think it would be bit faster if this gets converted when script gets parsed (or compiled) rather than during execution.

Also it seems it would make sense to keep the syntax symmetric. eg.:

0xFF and 0b11111111
rather than
0xFF and b'11111111'

That just triggers my OCD :-)

S pozdravem
Best regards
     Tomáš Mudruňka - SPOJE.NET s.r.o.