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PS: sorry I overlooked this in the existing / old "..." text, you can
then comment out these lines:
//      case LUA_VUSERDATA: {
//        if (uvalue(t1) == uvalue(t2)) return 1;
//        else if (L == NULL) return 0;
//        tm = fasttm(L, uvalue(t1)->metatable, TM_EQ);
//        if (tm == NULL)
//          tm = fasttm(L, uvalue(t2)->metatable, TM_EQ);
//        break;  /* will try TM */
//      }

(so mainly you just shift this block to the function start and do it
also already, if only ONE of two operands is LUA_VUSERDATA).

Further I needed a line change in function luaV_execute for the
switch-case-block vmcase(OP_EQK):
+       Protect(cond = luaV_equalobj(L, s2v(ra), rb));
-        cond = luaV_equalobj(L, s2v(ra), rb);

.. so I added this "Protect(...)" there - do not ask me why, I did not
write a comment there... .