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> In the Lua 5.4 docs it says the following.
>     A label should not be declared where a label with the same
>     name is visible, even if this other label has been declared
>     in an enclosing block.
> I have found the following test in the Lua 5.4.3 Test Suite (available
> here:, in the file goto.lua (starting line
> 223):
> [...]
> In this function the label ::l1:: is declared twice, once in the
> "elseif a == 4" clause and once at the end of the function.  In my
> understanding, the second declaration of this label is visible at the
> point where the first declaration is made.  That would contravene the
> rule I have quoted above.
> This must mean that I am misunderstanding the meaning of the quoted
> rule.  Could anyone please help me understand it?

REMEMBER: "The test suite is not a product; it is just a tool for our
internal use." (Third paragraph in

-- Roberto