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Nice hint, than you.

I also think markdown is a really somehow easy and great thing which
came up in the last years.

BTW Visual Studio coding of Lua files with this Sumneko "Lua Language
server..." also support markdown coding for function help info - and
this is super-great if you look for an easy and striaght-forward way
to produce some nicely formatted user help documentation for
"home-defined new lua functions" (just then of course works only with
Visual Studio).

[Side remark: ... only restriction which might be improved is that the
':' usage of Lua in case of metaclasses is not  recognized for during
code entry (e. g. if you write some "string-buffer meta class" with e.
g. a function sb.format, then automatic coding help can be shown if
you start writing sb.format (sb is the library name), but not if you
write sbVariable:format (sbVariable being a variable of type sb)....
but for syntax highlighting then both versons are recognized correctly
(sb.format and sbVariable:format)... just the "help info during
editing" does not pop up for sbVariable:format ... which of course
also is a bit challenging in lua, as the coding editor then really has
to check the "current type of sbVariable", which really can be
challenging of course in lua where a variable can be "practically

On Thu, Jan 6, 2022 at 3:15 PM Gavin Holt <> wrote:
> Hi,
> For those who like Markdown and think in Lua, can I recommend Upp
> ( I have had great fun using
> the simple Upp syntax to add functionality to MultiMarkdown. See
> attached HowTo script:
>     upp.exe -p . | Multimarkdown.exe -s >
> My next target is to use locally saved nbib files from PubMed to
> automatically extract and format citations which are added as
> footnotes (not keen on propitiatory reference management software).
> Happy New Year
> Kind Regards Gavin Holt