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On 28/12/2021 23:26, Marc Balmer wrote:

Although a nice joke, I don't think it has the same impact as "pythonic".

In English it means either "an insane person" or "reckless, irresponsible person". Not a nice definition.

Even in other languages it has no positive meaning: in Italian "lunatico" means a crazy, unreliable, person and I guess in Spanish and Portoguese it means the same (i.e. "loco").

Although the origin of the term was something like "influenced by the moon", and so it could have been viewed as somewhat positive in some context, nowadays it has a rather negative connotation.

I wouldn't really like to associate that with Lua.

Am 28.12.2021 um 23:15 schrieb Lars Müller <>:

I'm searching for an adjective for "in the spirit of Lua", like
"pythonic" for Python. I came up with "lua-esque" but that doesn't sound
too well. Suggestions?

-- Lars

-- Lorenzo