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Hi Paul,

Thanks for your suggestions regarding my "Low-Level Linux Library for
Lua" ("L5") [1]. The objective is really to include only low-level
stuff that cannot be written in Lua.

I agree that support for signals is one big missing item. Will look into it.

As you have noted, functions such as getpwnam, getpwuid, glob are
candidates for a Lua implementation. As such, they could also be nice
additions to the Lua part of L5 (see the l5 subdirectory).

I actually have an even lower-level project, VL5 [2] which wraps the
Linux system call interface. This is more a toy - obviously a
dangerous one! - very ABI-dependant :-)  I may also merge the syscall
interface into L5 some day.

Any additional comment, request, bug report are most welcome!! Feel
free to open an issue on the related github repositories



On Sat, Oct 30, 2021 at 8:18 PM Paul Ducklin <> wrote:
> philanc, any chance that you could add signal() to your low-level Linux library?
> So you can set Lua functions to receive Linux signals? (Supporting fork() without signal() is zombie heaven.)
> This would make your microlibrary a replacement for luaposix for pretty much everything I do with it, at least :-)
> Oh, and at the risk of asking for too much, getpwnam() and getpwuid() would also be great because they are handy when supporting privilege drops to a low-powered account. These are easy to do in pure Lua by reading /etc/passwd, of course, so perhaps they don’t belong in a low-level library.
> Also glob() would be a handy addition to the file/directory functions but is probably too high level for a library like this as well.