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Sorry, this post is almost entirely noise, with very little
signal, but the circumstances of the past few days have weakened
my defences...



I have a "meta-name" for Brenton Hoff: behoffski.
This was chosen by my first-year CS lecturer, when he used a
snippet of my code; I didn't bother identifying myself in the
code when I handed over the file to him.


Look up "Tony Abbott" and "Captain's Pick", and how he
conferred an Australian knighthood onto a British person
on Australia day; this roundly failed the "pub test".


(Very mild swearing-idiom alert, along with unbalanced
brackets, just to annoy people.]

On the day after Tony Abbot's action, I decided that I would
"take the piss" out of his transactions, and change my

... to be a meta-meta-name: "sur-behoffski".  (I checked in
various dictionaries, notably the Australian Oxford, to see
that "sur-" was a prefix meaning "meta-".


I am deeply offended that Others have decided, this week,
to re-brand themselves as "Meta"!  They are straying into
my domain!

If I do ever decide to have a presence on one of their
Services (unlikely), I suppose I'll have to label myself as:



Okay, I've finished my silliness.  I'll just repeat what
I said when I first announced the "sur-" prefix:  I do not
with to belittle, in any way, shape or form, any Honours
that have been conveyed, at any level, to people within my
country.  I am deeply grateful for the way that they have
enriched the community with their efforts, and know that I
have been personally helped, along with many others.
I completely respect the honours they have been granted.



s-b etc etc