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> I completely agree with Roberto that the sentence is confusing. And (I
> guess) especially for us non-native English speakers (Roberto and I, I
> mean), because, as you pointed out, it is grammatically incorrect. At least
> the first comma should be omitted.
> [...]

A more plausible explanation is that the grammar is fine, it says what
it wants to say, and you are undestanding it correctly, but nevertheless
you want to understand something else. :-)

Scrutinizing once again the standard, I found this:

    4. Conformance
    2 If a ''shall'' or ''shall not'' requirement
    that appears outside of a constraint is violated, the behavior
    is undefined. Undefined behavior is otherwise indicated in this
    International Standard by the words ‘‘undefined behavior’’
    or by the omission of any explicit definition of behavior. There
    is no difference in emphasis among these three; they all describe
    ‘‘behavior that is undefined’’.

It says with all words that the omission of any explicit definition of
behavior is as "splorky" as the words "undefined behavior".

-- Roberto