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It was thus said that the Great Andrew Gierth once stated:
> >>>>> "aman" == aman agrawal <> writes:
>  aman> Hi Andrew,
>  aman> Thanks for the reply.
>  aman> I'm getting a crash in running the following code (some modification of
>  aman> in Lua-5.2.2
> I think that's likely to be caused by a separate bug, specifically this
> one:
> which you will note is fixed in later 5.2.x versions. Does 5.2.3 crash
> on that same code?

  I was able to verify that version 5.2.2, as released, will crash with that
code (x86-32, Linux system, using "make generic" [1]), but that applying the
patch as listed (for 5.2.2-1) fixes the issue.  I was unable to get
subsequent versions of Lua to crash.


[1]	Due to some wonkiness with the readline library on my Linux system