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Hi there,
My understanding is that variables declared with <close> should also be <const>.  I've come across a situation where I think Lua is behaving correctly, but just want to confirm:

function closable(n)
  return setmetatable( {}, {
    __close=function() print( 'inside __close:', n ) end
  } )

function foo()
  print( 'starting foo' )
  local x<close> = closable(1)
  local x<close> = closable(2)
  local x<close> = closable(3)
  print( 'ending foo' )

The above outputs:
starting foo
ending foo
inside __close: 3
inside __close: 2
inside __close: 1

The above runs without error even though there are redeclarations of `x<close>` all with the same name, and it closes each of the 3 variables separately.  Am I correct that the redeclaration of `x` is just hiding the previous ones and not changing their values and so it is allowed?  Or is this a bug that Lua doesn't give an error?  Can I rely on this behavior in the future? Thanks