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Hello everyone 
      I'm reading the source code of lua515, there is some code then I don't understand yet

int luaK_exp2anyreg (FuncState *fs, expdesc *e) {
   luaK_dischargevars(fs, e);
  if (e->k == VNONRELOC) { 
    if (!hasjumps(e)) return e->;  /* exp is already in a register */
    if (e-> >= fs->nactvar) {  /* reg. is not a local? */
      exp2reg(fs, e, e->;  /* put value on it */
      return e->;
  luaK_exp2nextreg(fs, e);  /* default */
  return e->;

Here is a branch "e-> >= fs->nactvar", I don't quite understand, can anyone explain the relevant context or example? thank you all.