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Sorry, I forgot to specify that I am interested in iterating over arbitrary options, i.e. I don't know which options will be present in `conf.lua`, while also letting users execute arbitrary code, e.g. print statements for diagnostics.
Example (suggested) `conf.lua`
print(1) -- 1
custom_option = 1 -- I can't anticipate this 
IIRC what you're suggesting would lead to a polluted namespace with `print`, etc., which is undesired.
Hence, the motivation for a final optional _expression_.


On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 5:03 PM Sean Conner <> wrote:
It was thus said that the Great Andrew Yan once stated:
> In Lua 5.3, this code is unparseable:
> ```
> function huh() 1 end
> ```
> Would it be possible in future versions of Lua to instead make it return
> `1` when called, i.e. to permit a final optional _expression_? AFAIK this
> wouldn't break anything since the above statement can't be parsed anyways.
> The motivation for this is lua configuration files.
> Example:
> `conf.lua`
> ```
> -- statements...
> {
> option1=1;
> option2=2;
> }
> ```

  You can get the same effect by removing the table constructor:


option1 = 1
option2 = 2


To read  in the file:

        local conf = {}
        local f,err = loadfile("conf.lua",'t',conf)
        if not f then error(err) end

        -- now you have conf.option1 and conf.option2

  I have used this method multiple times with no issues.  You can check out: (code) (sample config file)

for an example.