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On Thu, Jun 17, 2021 at 5:35 PM Domingo Alvarez Duarte
<> wrote:
> Isn't this the general pattern in Lua to always create a new variable
> and shadow any existing one with the same name, without telling anything
> to the user ?

function x() does not create a new variable, it uses a created one (
either local or global, although you may consider the global one as
"created" )

The problem is:
$ cat u.lua && lua u.lua
local x <const> = nil
function x() end

local y <const> = nil
y = function() end

lua: u.lua:5: attempt to assign to const variable 'y'
Coupled with the definition in 3.4.11
The statement
     function f () body end
translates to
     f = function () body end
Which mean they should both pass or fail. No new vars created by the
function lines, which will be the case if "local function" where used.

Francisco Olarte.