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> I’d like to request a small change to the way luaconf.h generates the default paths for libraries and so on.
> Right now, it does
>   #define LUA_ROOT “/usr/local”
> And I’d love to have it be:
>    #ifndef LUA_ROOT
>    #define LUA_ROOT “/usr/local”
>    #endif

The luaconf.h that is installed globally in a system is meant to
reflect how Lua was built. It avoids #ifndef to ensure consistency:
clients see what the Lua library saw.

At the same time, luaconf.h is meant to be edited to suit local needs,
before being installed.

I'm not sure whether your request can fit in the scheme described
above. If you have special needs and Lua is never installed globally,
then by all means use a modified luaconf.h and Makefile.