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I'm happy to announce the initial (-alpha2) release, on
SourceForge, of the project "lglicua".  This is an
"Assistant" for users that wish to pursue private
scientific/technical Lua projects on more than one GNU/Linux
distribution.  The entire Assistant is available as a Git

This announcement is being made on lua-l and on iup-users.


I owe a deep and heartfelt thanks to Antonio Scuri of Tecgraf,
the Project Manager in charge of IM/CD/IUP (as well as working
on other stuff in the Tecgraf group within PUC-Rio).  Scuri
provided significant help as I was gradually put things
together, and has kindly tolerated me during times when I've
made some mistakes.


The main summary and download tarball page is at:

Note the last part of the summary:

        The "hello, world" dialog box Bash/Lua script is two lines:

                #!/bin/bash ../support/play-lua-tec
                iup=require("iuplua"); iup.Message("MyApp", "hello, world")


There are shortcomings in the range of Distributions
supported, and also, sadly, the Assistant currently is
limited to using OS-installed Lua 5.1.  While I've tried to
leave pathways open to address these limitations, I've had
to cut my losses, because otherwise feature creep would
mean that I'd never finish a release.  A client may choose
to use a virtual machine in order to partially cope with
these restrictions.


The link above gives a short summary.  A longer summary is
given in, e.g.:

This breaks down the "lglicua" name...:


        l       -- Lua:

         gl     -- GNU/Linux

           icu  -- PUC-RIO (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro)
                   Tecgraf Institute of Technical-Scientific Software:


           i    -- IM (Image Manipulation)
            c   -- CD (Canvas Draw)
             u  -- IUP (Toolkit for GUIs)

              a -- Assistant


... and gives a longer description of what the Assistant is

        Table of Contents:

        1. About IM, CD and IUP;
        2. Why write the Assistant?
        3. System Requirements and Recommendations (as at May 2021);
        4. Brief summary of Assistant components;
        5. Initial Installer PROJECT/install/i (./i) script help:
        6. Initial Build "quirky" PROJECT/build/q (./q) script help:



sur-behoffski (Brenton Hoff)
programmer, Grouse Software