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I remember that there is a project where there are different state exchange values, you can refer to it.

Sean Conner <> 于2021年4月26日周一 上午10:56写道:
It was thus said that the Great Paul Ducklin once stated:
> > Or try CBOR.
> There is a licensing difference (you use a GPL licence, namely the
> “Lesser”, while dkjson has a simple BSD-style licence).
> For projects already using BSD/MIT licences exclusively, adding even a
> single GPL-flavoured licence can be a real hassle. (And a slippery slope
> :-)

  You are pushing your project, I'm pushing mine.  Note I didn't spread any
fear, uncertainly or doubt about the BSD/MIT style licence.

  -spc (But if you don't mind companies using your work without contributing
        anything back, more power to you ... )