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I analyzed the use of CallInfo func field,
then I figured out that the field is used as either CClosure or LClosure.

There are actually 3 kinds of functions:
- Lua closures
- C closures
- Light C functions

The Lua calling convention is to push the function object to the Lua stack, followed by the function arguments. The `func` field refers to this function object, which can be any of the 3 function types.

First, at the entry of the VM dispatch loop (Lua 5.4.3),
the CallInfo func field is cast as LClosure as follows:

The VM dispatch loop only makes sense for Lua closures. It's only called in situations where it's known that it's a Lua closure.

That said, now that you mention it really is a bit strange that it does a straight cast with clLvalue, without any checking. I wonder if it would make sense to have the `cl` be one of the parameters to luaV_execute. The places that call luaV_execute are all places that have checked the type tag of the function object and have the `cl` at hand.

Furthermore, the function index2value (./src/lapi.c) assumes that
ci->func is type of either CClosure or LClosure implicitly as follows:

I think you might mean "light C function" instead of "Lua closure". The C API stuff is only accessible to C functions.

-- Hugo