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Take a look at ELua project, they aim at microcontroller architectures
On 2 Apr 2021, 22:24 +0300, Phil Leblanc <>, wrote:
On Fri, Apr 2, 2021 at 10:28 AM Egor Skriptunoff
<> wrote:

I would like to build Lua 5.3+ with only support for Integer numbers

Is it a 1-April question?

No, not an Aprill Fool's question! Although I did post on April 1st.
Sorry for the confusion :-)

It's not clear, what would be the difference between Lua 5.3 and "integers-only Lua 5.3"?

Even if FP are emulated in software on your system, the C compiler does have FP datatype anyway.
So, just avoid using FP literals/operators/functions in Lua scripts if FP operations are CPU-intensive.

This is a fair point. My goal is to find whether Lua would be a good
fit for a MCU environment with limited RAM and no FP support, and
whether Lua with only Integers as numbers would have better
performance and be less RAM-hungry than a vanilla Lua.

To find out, I guess the best way would be to test. I vaguely
remembered some macros magic in Lua 5.1 days to build a Lua with only
integer numbers. I didn't see how to do it with Lua 5.3+ luaconf.h so
I thought I would ask.