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I'm associating a metatable to user data using following code

static const struct luaL_Reg SelTimedColLib [] = {
    {"Create", stwcol_create},
    {NULL, NULL}

static const struct luaL_Reg SelTimedColM [] = {
    {"Push", stwcol_push},
    {"MinMax", stwcol_minmax},
    {NULL, NULL}

libSel_objFuncs( L, "SelTimedWindowCollection", SelTimedColM);
libSel_libFuncs( L, "SelTimedWindowCollection", SelTimedColLib );

with libSel_libFuncs() like that

int libSel_objFuncs( lua_State *L, const char *name, const struct luaL_Reg *funcs){
    luaL_newmetatable(L, name);
    lua_pushstring(L, "__index");
    lua_pushvalue(L, -2);
    lua_settable(L, -3);    /* metatable.__index = metatable */

    if(funcs){    /* May be NULL if we're creating an empty metatable */
        luaL_setfuncs( L, funcs, 0);
        luaL_register(L, NULL, funcs);

    return 1;

and then

    struct SelTimedWindowCollection *col = (struct SelTimedWindowCollection *)lua_newuserdata(L, sizeof(struct SelTimedWindowCollection));

    luaL_getmetatable(L, "SelTimedWindowCollection");
    lua_setmetatable(L, -2);

So, now, from Lua's side,  how to retrieve metatable's name ???? (in my case, "SelTimedWindowCollection")

I tried to test against the metatable itself but it doesn't work :

print( getmetatable(col.getCollection()), SelTimedWindowCollection )
-> table: 0xb79650d8       table: 0xb7965100

Thanks for your help