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I need to create a Lua API function to close/exit a Lua state from a Lua script.
While “os.exit” will exit the entire host application, I just want to “exit” one (of multiple) Lua states and return to the “lua_pcall” in C, while the application (and the other states) keep running.

Something like this:

    lua_pcall -->
        Some Lua code
        Lua pcall -->
            more Lua code
            call "state exit" function -------------|
            Lua code that should not be executed    |
        More Lua code that should not be executed   |
[continue here]  <------------------------------|

It cannot be just a luaL_error call, since this will be caught by a pcall in the Lua code.

Is there some recommended method to do this?
It should work with Lua 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 and use only C and Lua (no C++, no operating system dependent code or CPU dependent code like asm).

I could try to build some setjmp/longjmp code around it, but I’m wondering if there might be some built-in feature, e.g., some Lua error/exceptions that can only be handled in C but not in Lua? In my case, I will call "lua_close" immediately after and I don't need to resume any operation in this state. But for curiosity, is there a way to keep the state "fully operational" after such an operation?