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Hello list,

Announcing a new release of LuaRocks, the package manager for Lua.
This is a small release, but it contains additions such as added
support for MSYS2 + mingw-w64, so I bumped the middle number.

What's new:

* support for MSYS2 + Mingw-w64 (by @kou — see for details)
* reverted the change in MSVC environment variable set up script which
caused problems for Windows users in 3.4.0 (by @hish
* fixes a bug where --verbose raised an exception with a nil argument
(report by @kou, fix by @daurnimator)
* add proper error messages when lua.h is invalid. Previously, if
LUA_INCDIR was specified but invalid, install and other commands would
error without a message, eventually causing a failed assertion in
cmd.lua and leaving a hard-to-troubleshoot situation with no
information (by @equaa)

You can find all links for installation at —
source packages for all supported platforms and binaries for Windows
(32 and 64 bit) as well as Linux x86-64 are available.


-- Hisham