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Em qui., 3 de dez. de 2020 às 11:44, Vadim Peretokin <> escreveu:
Hi all,

I have Lua 5.1.5 successfully embedded in 32bit Windows and 64bit macOS and Linux in Mudlet, and am attempting to make a 64bit build. Lua builds and runs fine, but has a chance to occasionally crash on lua_pcall.

I'm building with Mingw-w64 8.1.0 (MSVC is not an option), and the applications runs just fine in other environments. The arguments to pcall as pretty simple as well and not complicated: `lua_pcall(L, 2, LUA_MULTRET, 0);` 

Attached is a stacktrace I see, and code is here if it helps.

What could be the reason for this?
I could suggest the lua debugger, for the Lua code.

For C code, you could use Dr.Memory (v.2.2.0), which works well on Windows 10.
V2.3.0 (crash on Windows 10):

How to use:
c:\DrMemory\bin\drmemory -logdir c:\tmp lua.exe script.lua

Finally, I also use WinDbg:

I believe that it can be used with MingW, if it issues or embed the pdb symbols.

Ranier Vilela