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I would like to announce the v1.0.2 release of my project 'dogfood' [1].

- Use lua_pcall when calling the main module and report errors to the user.
- Output all errors to stderr like the PUC Lua interpreter does.
- Output a warning for C modules that are found at one of package.cpath locations.

Dogfood is a srlua alternative for building self contained Lua executables.

The main points where dogfood differs from srlua are:
- One self containing executable.
- Can embed multiple (non-binary) Lua modules in one executable.
- No support for Lua 5.1 and older.

Other features:
- Does not depend on a C compiler to build self contained Lua executables.
- Dogfood self can be build for Unix like operating systems and Windows.

-- Jasper