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>  >> We found a heap use after free in lua_checkstack. Here’s the POC:
>  >> Lua version 5.4.0, git hash 34affe7a63fc5d842580a9f23616d057e17dfe27
>  Roberto> I could not reproduce this one. (But I will look at it again later.)
> I reproduced it using the non-minimized case; it fails in checkstack
> accessing a lua thread that is already freed. So I think this is the
> same problem with graylists as the luaD_call case.

You are right (again :-). I checked and the problem is exactly the same.
The thread is in the grayagain list, which is thrown away when another
object also in this list is marked in a barrier and inserted in the
gray list. A little after that the thread is wrongly collected.

This (hopefuly) has been fixed in commit a6da1472c0c. That commit
also has a more readable test case that hits this bug.

-- Roberto